Tent Rentals Policy

Prior to the installment of the tent, you agree to obtain all necessary permits, licenses and other consents from the appropriate government agencies at your expense, unless contracted by AllStar Tents and Events for a fee.

You Agree To:

1. Have the installation area cleared before the date the tent is to be installed. This includes the removal of all existing furniture and pet “nuisances”.
2. Clearly mark or layout the exact location of the tent.
3. Be present at the time of installation, or designate ONE individual to be responsible for your dealings with AllStar Tents and Events.
4. In order to properly install the tent we need a minimum additional work space of 5’ on all (4) sides of the size of the tent.
5. Provide us details on surface the tent will be set up. We install stakes into grass to secure tent from wind at no additional cost. If tent is located on asphalt or concrete, concrete weights will be needed to secure tent. Weights will be charged according to, as needed for specific size tent. Please advise if tent is being installed in an area that generally gets stronger winds such as hillside or canyon.
Hold harmless and assume the risk of, and indemnify, and hold AllStar Tents and Events harmless from and against any and all kinds of claims, demands, actions, lawsuits and proceedings of every kind, including costs, expenses, and attorney’s fees for personal injury or property damaged caused by connected with or resulting from:

A. The delivery, loading, unloading, erection, installation, dismantling and use of tent(s) and related event items
B. Contact with underground wires, pipes, cables, including phone, gas, water, cable and sprinkler systems
C. Necessary surface repairs
D. Fire, rain, high winds or other disturbances of nature and other Acts of God causing tent failure

Weather Resistance – Although the canvas and the vinyl fabrics of the tents have been treated for water repelling, we disclaim any Guarantee or warranty as to the effectiveness of such treatment.