Delivery & Pickup Policy

Standard Delivery / Pickup Service – Orders are delivered one day prior to the event and picked up one day after the event between the hours of 9AM and 5PM. During high volume or peak season your delivery/pickup may be rescheduled. Our office will contact you if a change is necessary.

  • Payment – 30% refundable deposit is required to reserve equipment. The balance is due in full (3) days before delivery if paying by cash or credit card and (7) days before delivery if paying by check.
  • Location / Placement – Equipment is neatly stacked in one location with easy accessibility and close to delivery truck. Upon pickup, all rental items should be stacked in the same place and manner in which they were delivered. The location must have an unobstructed 4’ walkway to move equipment through. Please advise staff is the any of the following conditions exist at the time of reservation: transporting carts over grass, dirt, sand, gravel, stairs, elevators or hills. Also please advise if the walking distance is in excess 50’ from the delivery vehicle parking. Additional fees may apply for these services.
  • Setup and Removal – Setup and take down by AllStar staff is available upon request at an additional charge. Advance arrangements for this service should be made prior to delivery.
  • Entry Denied – If access is denied for any reason, a return trip fee will be incurred. Please notify us of any gated communities and restrictions for entry to these areas.
  • Linen – Must be returned dry and free of debris. Waxed, burned or negligently damaged linen will be billed for replacement cost.
  • Food Service Equipment – China, glassware, flatware and food service equipment shall be returned rinsed free of debris (does not have to be washed) and placed in original shipping crates. Equipment not rinsed upon return will be billed a cleaning fee.
  • Malfunction – If malfunction occurs, contact our office immediately at (803) 649-5402. After hours, this number will prompt to transfer to on call representative. DO NOT attempt to fix unit. If immediate notification is not made, no refund will be considered.
  • Counting Equipment – Before signing the contract the client must verify receipt of all items. If client is unavailable to count in items, the count listed on invoice will be considered accurate.
  • Equipment Storage – Items must be secure and protected from theft, weather, and sprinklers. Client is responsible for damaged or missing equipment.
  • Pets – Driver and staff may not enter any area where there is an unrestrained pet. Please advise staff about delivery location when pets are left in backyard. Please remove all pet ”nuisances” from setup area prior to staff arrival.
  • Permits – Customer to comply with all municipal, county, state and federal ordinances related to event such as use, safety, required permits unless otherwise stated on contract. The pulling of permits is a service we can provide with minimum 3 weeks advance notice. Service fee plus costs of permits are to be billed to client.
  • Estimated Time of Delivery – Please call our office between 1PM-5PM the day prior to your delivery for an estimated window. Estimated are usually based on a 4 hour estimated timeframe.
  • Scheduled Deliveries – Scheduled time deliveries are available on a pre-arranged basis and may be subject to additional costs.

Additional Policies of Note

  • Cancellation – If cancellation occurs within 24 hours to your scheduled rental date, you will be charged the full amount of the order.
  • Pricing – All prices are subject to change without notice.
  • Processing Fee – An 8% processing fee is required on all rental items to cover costs of cleaning and restocking of items, to be “rental ready” for orders.